Millstone Grit Series. Carboniferous Period. Namurian. Yorkshire.

From the Skipton to Grassington road far below Barden Moor the mysterious boulders can be see often shrouded in mist, or less romantically and more realistically they are thick with fog and obscured by rain. Their aspect tends to provide them with a full on battering from the elements, however, this weathering process is what forms the wonderful curved rounded features typical of gritstone.

Scotlands most famous roadside peak. Glencoe Volcanic Formation - Rhyolitic Lava And Rhyolitic Tuff. Igneous Bedrock formed approximately 398 to 416 million years ago in the Devonian Period. Local environment previously dominated by explosive eruptions of silica-rich magma. Andesitic lavas and sheets comprising flow laminated rhyolites, tuffs, tuffaceous breccias, minor sandstones, mudstones and conglomerates. Explosive eruptions of silica-rich magma. These rocks were formed from viscous and highly gaseous silica-rich magma.

Piccolo Dolomiti.
Val di Pasubio lies in the northwest part of the Veneto region Italy, between the towns of Schio and Rovereto. The limestone mountains here are known to the locals as Piccolo Dolomiti, the little dolomites. The mountains rise out from dense deciduous woodlands with huge white limestone towers. The limestone is generally less massively bedded than the main dolomite groups and has a more weathered nature of the rock and the deciduous woodland gives Tolkienesque appearance.

A large coronal mass ejection left the sun one day in autumn of 2004. This high energy solar wind arrived at Earth that evening. High above Arisaig in the the Wester Highlands, United Kingdom, the solar wind hit the Earths magnetosphere creating hightly energetic charged particles which traveled on through to the thermosphere where the charged particles collided with atoms causing them to light up creating the aurora.

Sca Fell and Sca Fell Pike from Bow Fell

If you had ever wandered what a volcanic landscape would look like half a billion years later, Borrowdale Volcanic Group. Volcaniclastic sandstones and breccia, andesitic minor intrusion, tuffs and the ScaFell dacite member. Scupted by godmade global cooling and sheep.

But she didn't! I'll Bet She Does E3 6a. As good a highball as you can get for the grade. Whatever V or font grade that may be. I'll have a guess. V4 font 6a/b. Any as good and as photogenic as a boulder can be. Luckily you can't make out my face.

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